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Swabeera Uus relocates to Baltimore with T Rowe Price

Aug 05 2017

swabi uus 305Swabeera Uus recently joined T Rowe Price in Baltimore, Maryland and it is no coincidence that two other former AIM colleagues work at the company.

Also at T. Rowe Price are Donna Anderson, head of Corporate Governance and Socially Responsible Investing and Sheila Simmons Schubarth, head of Global Communications Compliance. Sheila sent Swabi a job description for the role Swabi now holds, which is within Sheila’s team. The women first met in 2004 when Swabi managed the internal sales desk for Mark McMeans and Sheila was in marketing. The two became friends, and when Swabi left AIM/Invesco for Eagle Global Advisors, they kept in touch.

“Over Mother’s Day weekend, I was in New York and Sheila sent me a job description for Senior Manager, Investment Communications Compliance. I found out later the position was written and available from the start of 2017. They were looking for the right person who would mesh nicely with the Investments team but report to Compliance. Sheila thought of me. I am embedded in the multi asset solutions investment team, sitting with investment folk. Being a learner, I like learning new things. No matter my age or experience, I am continually looking for new things to learn. I am using my investment knowledge and learning the investment advisory compliance landscape.” said Swabi.

Swabi loved her job at Eagle Global Advisors in Houston, where she worked for over ten years after leaving Invesco. “My professional life was very rewarding,” she shares. Her transition to T. Rowe Price in Baltimore is a change in many ways. “T. Rowe Price has over 6,000 employees and over 900 billion assets under management,” shares Swabi, while Eagle is a small firm. “I loved my job at Eagle. It is a privately-owned company with 32 plus employees and under $5 billion in assets. It was tough to leave. They were sad to see me go and I was sad,” but as Swabi shared, she likes to keep learning and this new role fills that objective.

In addition, Swabi is closer to her parents and brother. “With my daughter living in Florida and finishing her graduate degree, I am an empty nester,” said Swabi. “It is nice to be closer to my family.”

Sheila joined T. Rowe Price in 2013 and now heads up a group of 15 people in Maryland, Hong Kong and London. She is also raising her three sons. Donna has been with T. Rowe Price since 2007 and her daughter is 14, and an enthusiastic world traveler like her Mom.  

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