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After the firm: Lyman Missimer and Karen Dunn Kelley Featured

Dec 11 2017

Lyman Amy squareLyman Missimer and Amy Johnson.

Lyman Missimer is enjoying retirement, particularly the fact that he no longer gets up at 5am to commute from downtown Chicago to the suburbs. “We spent a wonderful summer in Chicago, and we will be in Houston this winter. I also look forward to going to the 2018 AIM Alumni happy hour,” said Lyman. 

After being through many other different situations, AIM was always the best. The company is near and dear to my heart.

Lyman Missimer

Lyman was working at a bank in Chicago in 1995 when a head hunter contacted him. “When AIM recruited me,” recalls Lyman, “all I knew about Houston was that it was warmer and cheaper than Chicago. My wife was also able to transfer with her company, so we looked forward to the new opportunities. I was hired to be Karen Dunn Kelley’s eyes and ears. She lived in Houston while her husband Joe completed his residency. When they relocated, Karen commuted from Pittsburgh. It was a struggle to run the money market desk day to day, but Ted and Gary did not wish to lose Karen which created a role for me,” said Lyman.

“My first impression of AIM was my interview day in the summer of 1995. Karen flew me to Houston and I remember it was a long and grueling nine-hour day of interviews. I had worked at banks so far in my career; I had never met or even been on the floor with a bank chairman. On my interview day, I was invited to lunch with Ted and Gary.

On my interview day, I was invited to lunch with Ted and Gary. It was incredible that I met the founding father of the firm that day. 

Lyman Missimer

We all worked together on the 19th floor. If the founding fathers spent time with employees, that impressed me. The most important factor why I joined was Karen. I was impressed with her, her knowledge, her presence and her confidence. Karen and I have worked together for a long time, and I never regretted joining AIM.”

lyman missimer group photoThe money market team reunited in Houston in April; Lyman Missimer and Karen Dunn Kelley flew in from Chicago.

“Another memory I recall happened shortly after I started. There was an employee meeting, and I did not know what to expect. I had a conflict, so I was on my way to the elevator to go to my other appointment. Mr. Bauer asked was I going to the employee meeting; he told me if you don’t go to the AIM employee meeting you are not an AIM employee. So, I turned around and attended the meeting. I learned my lesson that Mr. Bauer cares,” said Lyman.

The family moved back to Chicago in 2013 as part of a restructuring that Greg McGreevey initiated. Lyman worked in fixed income and while most of the team moved to Atlanta, he was put in charge of the municipal business in Chicago.

In April of this year, both Lyman and Karen were in Houston to catch up with the money market team with whom they had worked in prior years. They planned the team event around the AIM Alumni happy hour. “Both events were fun,” said Lyman. “While I did not work for Karen all the time I was at the firm, we remained friends. I was at Karen’s son’s wedding this summer where I saw Dawn and other AIM folks.”

said Lyman. 

Karen Dunn Kelly was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as Undersecretary of Commerce reporting to Wilbur Ross.

Karen also retired from Invesco in 2017, and was hired to work for Wilbur Ross in the Department of Commerce as Undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs. She started in August after her unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Ross first connected with Karen and Invesco when the firm purchased his company. Through the negotiations, Ross got to know and respect Karen. Consequently, he reached out to ask her to join his team.

It’s a cliché, but AIM was more like a family than a business.

Lyman Missimer

“Ted, Gary and Bob worked in the three corner offices; you always saw them and knew they cared. As the firm grew, that changed but it was always a good time. I will always remember it” said Lyman.  

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